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Energy Medicine

Almost eighty percent of who you are both emotionally and mentally is formed by the time you are six years old. As children, we inherit messages energetically from our surroundings mostly on the subconscious level. We live most of our lives repeating these messages that were energetically imprinted during these extremely formative years. They are stuck in the cells of our body waiting to be experienced and released.


Emotions such as fear, anger, grief, and sadness, when not fully experienced, remain in our body's cells and energy fields until they are ultimately experienced and released. 


Similarly, thoughts and beliefs can remain in our energy field until the pattern is experienced and released and a new pattern that is desired is re-imprinted. Examples of such beliefs include:


I am not good enough

I am not worthy

I am not beautiful

I cant create

Image by Jakub Kriz

These belief systems, over time, develop into strong energetic patterns which show up in our Relationships, Health, Wealth and Spiritual lives. These patterns remain in our energy bodies and usually dictate our lives until they are experienced and a new imprint is created that is aligned with what you desire and also aligned with your highest good.

Private Sessions


I can help you identify and heal these emotions and dissolve these patterns using advanced healing techniques to help release childhood, ancestral, and karmic patterns. Tools such as hands-on-healing, intuitive channeling, spiritual coaching, regression, emotional release and the use of biogenesis tools and plant therapy music are utilized when appropriate to aid in optimal healing.


A few reasons why you might book a energy medicine session;


Desire greater purpose in life * Deepen self love *Deepen connection to soul purpose

Improve Relationships * Grief Counselling * Manifesting specific desires.


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Online Meeting
Navigating in Woods

One on One Sessions

Do you have blocks in your life that are holding you back from living a life you love? Do you need help with balancing your emotions? One-on-one sessions are designed to help you find and release blocks in order to create harmony and fulfillment in your life. 

Rates are $125/hr

Distance Healing

Do you or a loved one need extra support and energy to get through a challenging time? Distance healing sessions are a convenient way to receive healing when you have a lot going on. I offer Energy Medicine and Biogenesis sessions remotely to help restore your energy.  

Rates are $125/hr

Coaching & Counselling

Do you need support with something in your personal or professional life? Perhaps manifesting a new relationship or starting a business you have always dreamed of? Coaching and Counselling sessions are tailored to help you set and achieve your goals. 

Rates are $125/hr

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