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Regular Session

To restore harmony back into one's life on all levels ( Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual )

Personal Sacred Sounds
Inception, Reflection, Education, Success, Love, Abundance, Health and Curse
(This service includes the Inception Pendant.)

About BioGenesis

“What is BioGenesis?”

Lantos:“BioGenesis is the Birth of Creation. We instil the remembrance of the Process of Creation into a substance and that substance radiates, or re-educates, its environment. All knowledge is contained in its seed form in the process of eight transformations associated with Creation. Let us embrace this precious technology handed down from Atlantean days. Let us transform our homes and our lives into Beacons for the Light of Peace and Generation. This is a timely endeavor. This technology must be applied in the homes. Together, many individual

lights create a city. We are structuring a City of Light—the Light of Creation, the Light of Genesis.”

Lantos:“The Birth of Creation is the process of assembling substance and form capable of vibrating in the mode of resonance generated by the Body of Genesis. As with all things in Creation, energy gathers form around it—intention clothes itself with a substance identical in structure, but of a denser quality. Let us review these shapes which will serve as the vital limbs and organs of the Body of Genesis.”

Lantos:“BioGenesis creates harmony. I will say this again: BioGenesis creates harmony. It is important to realize that harmony is structured quite simply, quite effectively, by strengthening the inherent qualities of a region. And this is accomplished by enlivening the sequence of Initial Rotations. This is BioGenesis.”

Lantos:“The physical effects belonging to the category of expected results are numerous. Any disease born of irregularity is a disease born of loss of memory and is thus reversible through the BioGenesis products. Degenerative diseases, or disorders born of stress, are the results of the corruption of biological harmony. BioGenesis structures wholeness. The BioGenesis products restore harmony.

“Spiritually, the effects are unlimited. If we say this to the people, they will not believe us. But, we can be sure that the influence of the Initialization of even one Genesis Device has been carried through and beyond this Universe.”

Sacred Sounds


“They are Primordial

Sounds—to strengthen certain aspects, and

those to rid the life of unwanted energies and

elements. Sounds which release the energies

which were dormant, and Sounds which unlock

the binding chains of negativity.” 

“Enlivening these Sounds purifies and

strengthens the outer material layers, drawing

upon the Eternal Light and limitless energy of

the Source of Creation.”



There are twenty four Sounds that will be most

closely affiliated with you, most closely related

to you. These are your Personal Sacred

Sounds, they are grouped into 8 Sets—8 Sets of

3 Sounds. And those 8 Sets deal with different

areas of your life. Those 8 Sets are



In just a brief review of what those mean:

Inception—This will enhance your life.

Reflection—This will protect your life.

Education—This will enlighten your life. Think

of it as a flashlight to help illumine the path

back to the Source.

Success—Promotes your position in life.

Love—Nourishes your life.

Abundance—Expands your experience of life.


Health—This is a Seed promoting and restoring

balance on all layers influencing physical form.

Curse—This Seed releases curse, addiction,

trauma on the emotions and forms of physical

disability; it may present itself on the material

form as addiction, depression, or an

abundance of obstacles and challenges.



I will determine your primordial sounds and then will impart them to you and help you enliven them so that you may practice them daily.


This service includes the Inception Pendant.

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