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About me


My background is rooted in the Financial Sector, having spent more than 35 years dealing with personal and corporate financial affairs of others; however, my passion has always been deeper, in helping people balance, grow and transform their lives. Being in the financial sector raised my awareness of the imbalance between financial success and fulfillment on all levels. 

Only when I was ready to do the "work" or when the seeker began seeking, did a number of various healing modalities present themselves. Little by little, I began clearing the muck, triggers, and imbalances that were in the way of the life I truly wanted and the truth of who I was.


It was this awareness that inspired me to go within and search for my own fulfillment.

Over the course of my exploration, I have developed my own personal style of healing using modalities such as Energy medicine, Regression Therapy, and biogenesis.


One very important avatar taught me that "Everything begins and ends with Awareness"! Such a simple yet profound statement.


I can lead you in finding the Balance and Fulfillment that you need to manifest the life you truly desire by dissolving hurts, blocks, and pains that are holding you back.

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